Destiny Camp: A variety of specialized sports camps for youth

Destiny Camp is where we spend more intensive time with young people training and teaching God’s word, intense and challenge activities and all out wholesome fun.

We have success with our camps, because God’s anointing upon this ministry. Secondly the teaching of God’s holy word. And thirdly the availability of faithful workers who love God. In the years we have had 100′s and thousands of youth accept Christ and pursue God’s plan for their life. This is God’s work and it the vision He have given us to steward over. Once in one U.S city we heard complaints from a few parents that they had a problem with the word being taught at a sports camp. Unfortunately this camp was at church, we were totally surprised. We will not apologize for teaching God’s word at our camps. Sports are a portion of a person life but God’s word will last throughout a person life span.

I am sure many us can recall a moment in our lives when we heard the word of God and acted on that word to accept Christ. In our society and world truth is constantly being replace with a lie especially in our education and media the two areas that impact youth. Thank God we still have strong family values intact in our culture that gives hope to our younger generation. Also God is raising up an army of young people who are getting involved in media. We will not compromise the truth of God’s word we have been teaching God’s word to youth since the very inception of this ministry. We serve a living, creative, and exciting God, therefore we make our camps full of life, excitement and creativity. Sports training give us a platform to demonstrate principles of God’s word that help young people to comprehend the life challenges they may and will face.