Wednesday 6/12/13 DQs

Answer these questions on Page 17 in your booklet:
      1.     What kind of attitudes does the Lord want us to have? Mathew 5:1-16
      2.     What did Joshua and Caleb believe, that the other 10 leaders did not believe? Numbers 13:26-33
      3.     How did Daniel maintain an excellent spirit? Daniel 6:10
  Answer these questions on Page 19 in your booklet:
      1.     What is prayer and why do we need prayer? Mathew 6:5-13
      2.     Why does God tell us to wait in prayer? Psalms 27:14
      3.     Why do you need to align your heart and words with God? Isaiah 55:8-9
Answer these questions on Page 21 in your booklet:
     1.     How can a person cleanse their way? Psalms 119:9
     2.     How is a person drawn away from sin? Joshua 1:8