DSC_0087.JPGThis past week Coach Rex was given the opportunity to speak at Focus on the Family. Years ago when the Tonkins family first moved to Colorado Coach Rex worked at Focus on the Family in the distribution department. They often invite him back to do devotions, but he has not been able to make it in the past few years. Coach was able to accept the invitation this time. It was a wonderful time. Coach talked about the power and importance of prayer. More than ever it is very important pray for our nation and the world.

Coach Rex has asked the Destiny Team Coaches to commit to 7 minutes of prayer 7 days a week. The coaches have committed to pray every day for 7 minutes before doing anything else. The ministry has seen a tremendous change both in ministry and on a personal level for the coaches. 7 minutes a day, join us and see you level of prayer go to the next level.


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