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7 Impact Strategies


  1. The Destiny Project Curriculum
    A discipline course designed by Coach Rex & Coach Vickie to assist young people in discovering their purpose and Destiny. 
  2. Destiny One-on-One
    Connecting mentors with a young person to develop skills necessary for success.
  3. Destiny Skills
    Equipping young people with practical skills for success, such as respecting authority, completeting a task, a good work ethic, sound budget/finance handeling, and other basic life skills.
  4. Team Destiny
    A weekly outreach where a message is taught, a meal is provided, and a structured competition takes place.
  5. Destiny Link
    Connecting Young people to internships.
  6. Destiny Summer Training Camp 
    Intense biblical studies, exciting activities and an atmosphere conductive to hearing God. 
  7. Destiny Camp
    Providin training in how to work as a team to reach a common goal and delevop interpersonal and social skills. 


  • Teach young people practical principles about life
  • Encourage young people to use their gifts for God
  • Assist young people to find their purpose
  • Motivate them to be successful in Christ