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We offer safe, fun, and rewarding programs for students ages 8-18.
Including day camps, competitions, mentoring, coaching and more.

Utilizing the disciplines of athletics to assist young people in discovering their purpose and destiny.

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Teaching young people that they have a purpose, encouraging young people to use their gifts and talents to glorify God, assist young people in discovering who they are in Christ, and motivate young people to seek their creator with all their heart.


Since 1997 The Destiny Project, Rex and Vickie Tonkins, and the rest of the Destiny Project volunteers and coaches have been helping young people find their God-given purpose and Destiny.  The Destiny Project believes that students can learn valuable life skills and spiritual truths through the disciplines of athletics.  In the context of providing sports training, camps, and competitions, The Destiny Project has been able to unashamedly share the Gospel of Jesus, provide mentoring, discipleship, and meet basic needs of its students. 

Who We Reach:

The Destiny Project is a ministry to help young people ages 8-18 discover God's purpose for their lives.  We also provide training to college students and adults who wish to reach young people.